How to put Images in Signature

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123 How to put Images in Signature

Post by Admin on Sun Nov 29, 2009 3:27 pm

How to put Images in Signature

To add a picture to you Signature the image:

  1. Needs to be stored on a publicly accessible web server (Click Here )
  2. Then get the url of the picture. (right click the image and click properties)

Click on the "Profile" (it can be found below the banner) -> on the left side click " Signature".
Insert the link to you image in the "Signature" box. don't forget to include the tags.

[img]the URL of the image[/img]
Note : you can click the "Image" button too .

1. The HTTP:// in front of the image URL is important so don't miss it off.
2. Some forum has a limit on how many characters you can put in the sig box
3. Image types supported by the forum are :

  • Joint Photographic Experts Group (.jpg or .JPEG)
  • Graphics Interchange Format (.GIF)
  • Portable Network Graphics (.PNG)


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