The Reputation System

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123 The Reputation System

Post by Admin on Tue Dec 01, 2009 1:16 am

The Reputation System


The reputation system, as you have noticed, is a sub part of the point system. It also works with points.
Reputation is composed of items related to evaluations by users and items related to the feature "Thank you".

Only give rep to people that you think they contributed and help out the community of some sort. It can go from helping someone, helping you, giving advice, being really active, etc...but DON'T give out rep just because you feel like it or they are your friend(s). thats basically abusing it, if you are caught abusing you will be warned once, if continues say bye bye. And we will hunt you down. (aka BANNED)

How to give rep ?

See below :

The user has a reputation of 0 :

And his reputation goes to 1 :

And if I don't like the message :

His reputation goes back to 0 :

"Thanks" Button


The user earn 3 reputation :


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